Adidas Power Soccer Cheats

Dream Team:
Press L2 + R2 + Square + X several times at the player select/formation screen that appears before the match begins until the name of your team changes to dream team.

Woman's Voice:
Press Select during game play in arcade mode to display the options menu. Select the 'audio' option. Select the 'commentator' option. Hold Circle + Square to switch to a female voice. Press Left or Right to change the language of the female commentator options.

Arcade Special Moves:

Backheel - Square + X
Backflick - Triangle + Circle
Predator Shot - X + Triangle

Receiving A High Ball:
Heading - Hold Square or Circle
Bicycle Kick - X + Triangle
Hand Of God - Triangle + Circle

Receiving A Low Ball:
Mega Volley - Triangle + Circle
Diving Header - X + Triangle

Nudging - Triangle + Circle
Two Handed Shove - Triangle + Circle
Kung Fu Kick - X + Square
Mega Tackle - X + Triangle

Flashy Stuff:
Juggling - X + Square
Mega Run - Square + Circle

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