Bases Loaded '96 Cheats

Cheat Mode:
To access the cheats, Start a new game & press pause. On controller 2 press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Circle. A piano will play if you did this correctly. Use this code before entering the following -

Inning Select:
To play in any inning, press X to bring up a 'Let's Go Inning' menu in the upper left hand corner. Press X to change the innings, all the way up to 18.

Automatic Home Runs:
To hit a home run, after hitting the ball, press L1. This will cause all hits to be home runs. To change back, redo the Cheat Mode cheat & press L1 again.

For a hands free mode, enter Cheat Mode & press L2. To regain control, enter cheat mode & press L2 again.

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