Bloodlines Cheats

Enter the following codes on the password option screen -

View The Bloodlines Art Gallery:
L, E, O, N, A, R, D, O.

Take A Look At The Bloodlines Voice Gallery:
T, O, N, G, U, E, B, A, T, H.

Unlock Jon:
U, N, M, A, S, K, E, D.

Unlock Angor:
C, L, A, W, E, D, F, I, S, T.

Unlock Daria:
D, O, M, I, N, A, T, I, O, N.

Unlock J.O.E.:
J, U, J, O, F, E, V, R, Y, 1.

Unlock Expert Mode:
S, K, U, P, A, S, T, Y, L, E.

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