Bushido Blade Cheats

Second Endings:
To see the alternate endings, you must follow these rules strictly:
1. The Bushido Blade 'Code Of Honour' must be obeyed at all times.
2. You must not take any hits until you face the final boss.
Defeat the first opponent without taking a hit, no matter how slight. When you face the second opponent, hold down L1 and run to the well at the construction site. Before jumping into the well, take out your opponent's legs - this way you won't have to face them before jumping to the fifth fight. Defeat the fifth opponent and the following four bosses without receiving a bit.
You'll face one of three hidden bosses: Kindati, Hangou or Black Lotus [in bandages). Defeat them [the n@hit rule doesn't matter any more. then use as many continues as necessary to defeat the final bass and reveal the hidden ending for that character.

Obtaining Katze:
The ultimate test of your skill can be found in Slash Mode; because at the end of it lies the opportunity to control and select Katze as your character. However, you must kill all 100 opponents WITHOUT getting killed - that means no continues at all. It you die, you must exit Slash Mode, then begin again from opponent number one.
Once you've completed this near- impossible task, you can choose Katze in Vs Mode and Practice Mode. Just move the selection box off the side of the screen next to Red Shadow or Kannuki. if this is done correctly, there will be no cumor or character shown. To select Katze, simply press I.

Play A Link-Up Game With One Disc:
Load up the game on one machine, then select link-up mode. Take the disc out of the machine, then load it up on the other PlayStation. Select link-up mode an the second PlayStation, then select weapons and characters to begin the link- up. The game should freeze at this point: now put the disc back in the first PlayStation and the link-up game will load up! It the game freezes again, just keep swapping the disc to unfreeze it.

Run From Arena To Arena:
Go to story mode & press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start & Select simultaneously.

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