Bust-A-Groove Cheats

Dance Preview:
Complete while playing the easy difficulty level.

Play As Capoeira:
Complete while playing the normal difficulty level.

Play As Robo-Z:
Complete while playing the normal difficulty level, after Capoeira is unlocked.

Play As Burger Dog:
Select Hamm as a character & complete playing the normal difficulty, after Robo-Z is unlocked.

Play As Columbo:
Complete while playing the normal as Shorty, after Robo-Z is unlocked.

Play As alternate character:
Highlight a character, then hold Select & press X.

Level Skip:
Complete once with any character. Begin game play in single player mode & press L2 + Select when a song begins, to jump to the next level.

Winning Pose Close-up:
Hold Circle
after winning a stage.

Special Moves:
If the first move is carried out correctly, new moves for you to choose from will be flashed on screen. Complete all the new moves available to you & higher points will be awarded.
Heat:                 Up, Down, Up, Circle
Freida:             Up, Down, Up, Circle
Strike:              Up, Up, Left, Circle
Hamm:            Down, Right, Up, Circle
Kelly:                Right, Left, Right, Circle
Shorty:           Down, Down, Down, Circle
Hiro:                 Right, Up, Down, Circle
Pinky:             Up, Left, Up, Circle
Gas-O:            Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
Kitty N:           Down, Down, Right, Circle
Capoeira:       Right, Up, Right, X
Robo-Z:          Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle
Columbo:       Down, Down, Down, Circle
Burger Dog:  Down, Right, Up, Circle

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