Casper Cheats

Fly Over Walls:
Move Casper to the upper-left of any game location. Hold Up-Left + L1 + R1 + Start to pause the game. Release Up-Left + L1 & press Down-Right + Triangle while continuing to hold R1 + Start. The game will resume in free movement mode, Just use R1 to fly above the walls.

Get Everything:
Once the above code is entered, return to the middle of the room where you started. Go up the stairs to your left. Once you are up the stairs, press R1 to fly high over the stairs you just came up. Then make your way down the screen (South) over the stairs until you see the room with all the items in it. Lower yourself into the room & collect it all. (Note: You still have to kill Casper's uncles to get the laserus parts).

To make Casper travel faster then a speeding bullet, simply press Triangle + X, R1, R1, R1 at any point during play to make the mischievous ghost get his little white arse into gear! Please note that whilst accessing this cheat you will go into the inventory screen, so after you've finished pressing R1 for the third time, press Triangle again to return to the action.

How To Defeat All The Ghosts:
1. Fatso near kitchen - Feed him hamburgers.
2. Stinky - Spray perfume on him.
3. Stretch - Use glue.
4. Fatso in bathtub - Use Camera.
5. General Fatso - Use wind up key, then hammer the tanks.
6. Farmer Stinky - Use hammer & chisel to carve the stone in Casper's image.
7. Graveyard Stretch - Use twister morph to lure him into grave dig site.

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