Circuit Breakers Cheats

Speed Boost:
This Cheat is only available for the multi-player circuits. When you activate the cheat, it has a global effect on every multi-player circuit. The cheat can be undone by following the same instructions you use to activate it. On the circuit selection screen, press Circle, X, Triangle & Square simultaneously. If you get this right, a picture of an engine should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Upside Down:
This works on single & multi-player circuits. If you activate the cheat in single-player mode, only single-player circuits will be affected, Likewise with multi-player. To activate Upside down mode, press L2, R2, Down & X, simultaneously. If you get this right, a sweeping arrow should be drawn at the bottom of the information panel.

All 32 Tracks:
Go to single-player mode, start a game & then pause. Now go to options & select the sound button. From here, highlight the Effects option & press L1 & L2.

Bouncy Bean Cars:
As soon as the circuit has loaded and the countdown started, simultaneously press the Circle & Left buttons. Your new bouncy bean car should now appear.

Night Racing:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 while selecting a track. A new symbol will appear on the track to confirm correct code entry.

Track Select:
Pause game play in Single player mode. Enter the 'sound' option, highlight the 'FX Volume' & press L1 + L2.

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