Colin McRae Rally Cheats

All Codes will only work if you enter them & then enter a Time Trial or Rally under Expert difficulty.
Enable All Tracks:
Enter OPENROADS as a name.

Enable All Cars:
Enter SHOEBOXES as a name.

Green Jelly Car:
Enter BLANCMANGE as a name.

Fog Mode:
Enter PEASOUPER as a name.

Four Wheel Steering:
Enter TROLLEY as a name.

Rear Wheel Steering:
Enter FORKLIFT as a name.

Turbo Mode:
Enter MOREOOMPH as a name.

Continually Tap X, Circle to accelerate:
Enter BUTTONBASH as a name.

Turbo Jumps:
Enter KITCAR as a name. Press Select when the bottom bar in the center of the screen is green.

Low Gravity:
Enter MOONWALK as a name.

Customizable Replay:
Enter DIRECTORCUT as a name & wait after the race for the replay.

Nicky Grist Drives:
Enter BACKSEAT as a name.

High-pitched Nicky Grist Comments:
Enter HELIUMNICK as a name.

Faster Frame Rate:
Enter SILKYSMOOTH as a name.

Driver on Right Side In Cockpit View:
Enter WHITEBUNNY as a name.

All Tracks At Night:
Enter NIGHTRIDER as a name.

Metallic Cars:
Enter TINFOILED as a name.

Micro Machines Mode:
Enter DIDDYCARS as a name.

Hover Craft Mode:
Enter HOVERCRAFT as a name.

Race Tracks In Opposite Direction:
Enter SKCART or MAGREAR as a name.

Wavy Car:
Enter MAGFLOAT as a name.

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