Cool Boarders 3 Cheats

Enter these as your name at the Tournament screen:
WONITALL    Unlocks all of the tracks.
OPEN_EM     Unlocks all of the riders. (Note: _ means a space)
BIGHEADS    Big Heads, during the game, press L2 to shrink & R2 to decrease their heads.
SHOWPOS    Coordinates appear in bottom left hand corner of the screen during the game.

To get Fast Eddie:
Complete Powder Hill in first place with at least 3400 points.

For New Boards & Characters:
Start a single race at pro level & come first, beating the record shown at the bottom of the screen.

To Get Burg:
Unlock every character, every board & every track. Play a single event on Powder Hill, downhill & come first with at least 3400 points.

View Game Programming Completion Date:
At the screen that reads '1 player' or 'Split Screen' press L1 + L2 + R2 + R1. A screen will pop up that shows the date that the game was completed.

Replay Fun:
During any replay hold Left to see it in slow motion or Down to freeze it.

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