Crash Bandicoot 2 Cheats

Boss Warp:
To go to the next or previous boss, press & hold L1, L2, R1, R2 & Triangle when standing on the middle platform of a warp room. (Note: This only works if you have already fought the boss you wish to go to.)

Clear Gems:
Here is how to get them -
Beat level in the given time. (Hint: When you go to the bonus, die right away. This gives you more time.)
Take the death route.
Take the death route.
Take the death route.

Coloured Gems:
Here is how to get them -
Turtle Woods (Blue) Get no boxes.
The Eel Deal (Green) Go past the dead end in the Nitro box filled room.
Plant Food (Yellow) Get no boxes & beat the timer.
Bee-Hauling (Purple) Go up the stairs of Nitro boxes.

10 Extra Lives:
In the second warp room, jump on the Polar Bear cub 10 times. This can only be done once.

Hidden Warps:
Several warps are hidden throughout the game. Here is how to find some of them -
The small ice flow at the end of the stage.
The second river. Don't jetski, but jump on the boxes to the platform.
When the cub bucks you off, go back until you see him again.
When you drop down a hole into some eel-less water, go into the foreground & drop into the hole. (Note: Use R1 to make Crash pull up his legs.)
Near the end, there is a spitter plant on a circular platform. Belly flop onto it.
When you find the stone face in the ground, Belly flop onto it to enter a bonus-type level. (Note: Be careful though as you can die in this one.)

More Extra Lives:
When you are on the forth floor with the vortexes, get into the level with all of the bees. Instead of going underground to avoid the bees, hit all 5 of them away (It takes practice). If done correctly, you should receive 2 lives, If done again, 1 more life will be given. Do it as many times as you like.

Extra Shield:
When Crash dies, press Up + Circle. When he reappears he will be equipped with a mask.

Return Bouts:
If you wish to fight the bosses again stand on the relevant pad and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Triangle & then tap Up.

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