ESPN Extreme Games Cheats

Money Round:
Pass through all the gates on a course to enter the bonus cash course, which consists of $5 & $10 gates.

Unlimited Money:
Go to the TV marked with a '1' in the equipment room & press X to deactivate the CPU opponent. Highlight the equipment selections & deactivate them all by pressing X. choose a course & begin the race. Because there are no opponents, you will always finish in first place. Repeat this process to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Final Race Of Season:
Enter codes 254, 071, 216, 094, 085, 177, 113, 104. This will let you begin with only one race left, which is held in San Francisco.

Extra First Race Money:
Enter code 229, 013, 066, 016, 000, 000, 000, 000, 031. Then complete the Utah race using Paul Dillon, when finished you will be rewarded with $1110.

End Of Extreme Level:
Enter codes 190, 069, 254, 049, 105, 048, 001, 016, 146 as a password.

Hidden Crypt:
Race in Italy & watch for the section that dips downhill past some columns. Go through the purple gate that is in the extreme left side of the screen. A hidden passageway through a crypt with skeletons & extra gates will appear.

Super Athlete:
Go to 'exhibition' & enter 'continue season' mode. Select 'no' when prompted to load from the memory card. Then enter 237 190 190 080 000 000 176 113 219 as a password. A super athlete, $5030, all the possible vehicles & a record of first place of the season (first 2 races) will be loaded.

Race In Reverse:
Come to a complete stop & hold Triangle.

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