Forsaken Cheats

Enter these on the password screen:
bubbles - Enables cheats
thefullmonty - Turns on level switch capability, use menus to pick any level
iamzeus - God mode, full weapons, unlimited ammo & nitro, 4 power pods & 2 other weapons
titsoot - If you have access to the special ship, this turns on 'Adult' textures
lumberjack - This turns on a missile toggle. Hitting quick key for Mug selects normal, hit Mug again for spiraling Mug, once more for bouncy-Mug. Hitting quick key for Solaris selects normal, once more for homing plasma like the turrets use, once more for extra powerful blue homing plasma
jimbeam - This turns on the beam toggle. Hitting laser quick key selects normal, once more for better
electro - Beam like LevTank, once more for superbeam from Hades

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