Grand Theft Auto Cheats

Enter the following as names for bonuses:

BSTARD   All weapons, unlimited ammo, level select, 99 lives, armour, get out of jail free, coordinate display, maximum wanted level & 5 times multiplier.
THESHIT   All weapons, unlimited ammo, level select, 99 lives, armour, get out of jail free & 5 times multiplier.
GROOVY   All weapons, unlimited ammo, armour & get out of jail free.
WEYHEY   9999990 points (Skip City).
CHUFF   No Police.
BLOWME   Displays Coordinates.
EATTHIS   Permanent Wanted level Max.
HANGTHEDJ   All Cities, Lots Of Money, All Weapons & A Parrot.
FECK   Liberty City Part 1, Part 2.
TVTAN   Liberty City (1 & 2) & San Andreas (1 & 2)
URGE   All Cities Parts 1 & 2, Except Vice City 2.
CAPRICE   All Cities (1 & 2)
TURF   All The Cities.
MADEMAN   All The Cities & Weapons.
SATANLIVES   99 Lives.
EXCREMENT   x5 Multiplier.
PECKINPAH   Armour, All Free Card.
INGLORIOUS   All Cities.
SKYBABIES   Partial Level Select (Up To Mandarin Mayhem)

Easy Tank:
On the first city, access the second scene. When you start, run somebody over & wait for the ambulance to arrive. When it does, nick it & drive to the army base. Drive in & you can nick the tank.

Free Car Bombs:
In San Andreas, the bomb shop on the southeast end of the Golden Gate bridge will rig your car for free. Enter it before you do anything, & the guy will tell you that you don’t have enough money, but the car is rigged anyway.

Go Through Fences:
When you find a fence you want to go through, go find a truck or van (Something you crawl under instead of over when you press R1). Align the truck so it is parallel with the fence. Get out & crawl under the truck, towards the fence & you’ll come out on the other side.

Tank Location:
The coordinates for the tank are 99,48 on the second part of the first city.

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