Impact Racing Cheats

All Weapons:
Enter ALL.TOOLEDUp as a password. All weapons will be available at the start of the race.

Unlimited Ammunition:
Enter LOADSOFSTUFF as a password.

Bonus Level:
Enter BONUS.LEVEL as a password. You will be able to access six bonus tracks.

Last Level:
Enter ENDGAMELEVEL as a password. You will be able to access the last level of the game.

Enter I.AM.IMMORTAL as a password. Your vehicle will be indestructible.

Debug Mode:
Enter RABBITBADGER as a password. The phrase ‘Debug Mode’ will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. The game’s time limits, number of power-up’s, enemy AI, & track type may be adjusted.

Sound Test:
Enter JOURNEYS.END as a password. This mode allows the game disc to be replaced with an audio CD, with graphic patterns appearing in sync to the music. Press Select to view information about the music & Left or Right to change tracks.


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