KKnD: Krossfire Cheats

The following cheat code can only be activated once you have completed the first level of the game, regardless of the difficulty level chosen. After completing the first level, you will be given a password to allow you access to the second level. It is on the second level that the cheat code can be entered and activated.
This cheat code must be entered at the beginning of each level. It does not continue from level to level throughout the game. The cheat code, once activated, will give you access to the following options: Invincibility on/off, mission complete on/off, black fog on/off, and increases the amount of oil in your stores to 50,000.
To activate the cheat code, while in game hold down the following buttons at the same time: L1, L2, R1 and R2.
Now press the Start button to bring up the Pause menu.
From the pause menu select the Display Password option and press the X button to select; this will show the password for the current level.
While the password is displayed, press the following combination of buttons: Left, Circle, Circle, Right, X.
As each correct button is pressed, a noise will be heard. If the cheat code has been accepted, a sound effect will be heard and the cheat option will be available on the Pause menu.

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