Madden '97 Cheats

Hidden Teams:
Start an exhibition game. Select any 2 teams & the controller options. Enter a user record name of TIBURON & press X to accept. Press Circle to return to the team select page. There should be 8 more teams available: All-Madden All-Time, 50's & 60's, All 70's, All 80's, AFC pro bowl team, NFC pro bowl team, EA Sports team & Team Tiburon. The hidden teams may also eventually be selected randomly by holding L2 + R2 in exhibition mode.

View FMV Sequences:
Hold R1 or R2 when the black screen with the PlayStation logo appears during the loading of the game. A screen called 'Cinematics' will appear instead of the title screen. The winning, losing & Super Bowl FMV sequences may be viewed.

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