Madden '98 Cheats

Extra Teams:
At the team selection screen, hold L1 & L2 while tapping X, X.
Enter the following codes instead of names in the create player menu, It doesn't matter what kind of player you make, it's the name that counts:
EA Sports Team       ORRS HEROES
Tiburon Team            LOIN CLOTH
All Time Leaders       LEADERS
All Time All Madden COACH
All 60's Team             PAC ATTACK
All 70's Team              STEELCURTAIN
All 80's Team             GOLD RUSH
NFC                               ALOHA
AFC                               LUAU

Astrodome (Old Oilers)              JETSONS
Cleveland Browns Stadium     DAWGPOUND
Old Oakland Stadium                  SNAKE
Old Tampa Bay Stadium           BIG SOMBRERO
Old Miami Dolphins Stadium   DANDAMAN
RFK Stadium (Old Redskins)  OLDDC
Tiburon Sports Complex          SHARKSFIN
Wild West (Late 1800's Texas) GHOST TOWN

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