MediEvil Cheats

Jack The Green's Riddles:
1 - The first riddle is easy. Hit the star shaped bushes with a weapon & they tell you how many more you have left.
2 - The next one sounds easy but is hard to pull off. Go to the place you couldn't before. There is a clown there & you have to hit the places so that they smile at him. Hit them all so they're one away from smiling then hit them all quickly. Don't give up, just keep doing it until it works.
3 - With the third riddle, get the red key from the octopus & go open the red door. A mouse will appear & follow you. Lead it past the cats to the elephant at the end of the new path. Watch as the elephant gets scared & breaks the wall behind it.
4 - For the last riddle, go down the new path until you reach a large hole. Jump into it & go out a door that's in the chamber. Push the fire thingies to face the window thing ( A sound will sound if done right). When you've done this, go back in the chamber until you're transported out.
5 - After that, Jack The Green tells you to find your own way out. It's that hard. You know when you reach the end because you'll get to a giant chessboard. Here, you've just got to match the colours with the colour box & a small box will open in the middle of the chess board.

Cheat Menu:
Pause the game, hold L2 & press Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle.

Super Cheat Menu:
Pause the game, then hold L2 & press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle, Circle, Right.

The Cup Of Souls:
The cup of souls for the first pumpkin level can be a real challenge. Go through the tunnel at the beginning of the level. To the right of the merchant gargoyle is a shaded wall. Use your hammer, club or daring dash to break it down. Then go down the tunnel. Look closely because the shaded areas are easy to miss.

To Beat The First Boss:
You need the crossbow. When his heart starts to beat & he is about to attack, aim at his heart & shoot.

Easy Gold:
See those hands that follow you around in the graveyard levels? Every time you hit them with a hammer or a club you get 2 gold pieces. Have fun.

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