Mortal Kombat 4 Cheats

Kombat Kodes, introduced in MK3, are the standard way of entering cheat codes in 2-player games. They are entered at the VS screen using a button to control each of the boxes. Each Kombat Kode consists of 6 digits. The first three are toggled by pressing LP, Block and LK on controller one, while the second three are toggled by the same buttons on controller two. Hold Up while toggling to toggle backwards.

111-111 "Free Weapon" One weapon drops onto the center at the beginning of the match.

100-100 "Throwing Disabled" No throws or bone-breakers.

444-444 "Armed and Dangerous" Start off with your weapons drawn.

666-666 "Silent Kombat" No background music.

050-050 "Explosive kombat" Last hit causes loser to explode.

222-222 "Random Weapons" Start with another weapon at rather than default.

123-123 "No Power??" Start with just a bit of energy above "DANGER" level.

555-555 "Many Weapons" Weapons drop all over the stage.

060-060 "No Rain" No rain on the Wind World stage.

002-002 "Weapon Kombat" Both players never drop their weapons.

012-012 "Noob Saibot Mode" Used for the process of playing as Noob Saibot in the PSX.

020-020 "Red Rain" Causes it to rain blood at the "Wind World" stage.

010-010 "Maximum Damage Disabled" No Maximum Damage limit for Combos.

110-110 "Throwing and Max Damage Disabled" No Throws and Maximum Damage Combo Limit.

01 1-01 I "Kombat Zone: Goro's Lair". Play at "Goro's Lair" Stage.

022-022 "Kambat Zone: The Well". Play at "The Well" Stage.

033-033 "Kombat Zone: Elder Gods" Play at "The Elder Gods" Stage.

044-044 "Kombat Zone.- The Tomb" Play at "The Tomb" Stage.

055-055 "Kombat Zone- Wind World" Play at "Wind World" Stage.

066-066 "Kombat Zone: Reptile's Lair" Play at "Reptile's Lair" Stage.

101-101 "Kombat Zone: Shaolin Temple' Play at "Shaolin Temple" Stage.

202-202 "Kombat Zone: Living Forest" Play at "Living Forest" Stage.

303-303 "Kombat Zone: The Prison" Play at "The Prison" Stage.

001-001 "Unlimited Run" Get an unlimited Run meter.

313-313 "Kombat Zone: Ice Pit" Play at "Ice Pit" Stage.

321-321 Big Head Mode (No actual on-screen text) The characters have over-sized heads.

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