NBA Live '97 Cheats

Cheat Menu:
Press L1, X, X, L1, X, Square, R1, X, Square, R1, Circle at the game setup menu. Ignore the credits screen that may appear at this point. Hold Up/Right + Triangle + Square for approximately 5 seconds. Setup a game & press Star. Hold L1 + R1 + Up/Right + Triangle + X + Square + Circle at the 'I love this game' screen until the game has loaded. A cheat menu will appear. Hold Triangle + X on controller 1 to return to the game after making any modifications. Note: To change all the players on the cheat list, a full PlayStation multi-tap must be used.

Change Player Height:
Use the cheat menu code & press L1 & L2 to adjust the player's height in inches. The shortest is 1'6". The tallest is 12'0". Any player taller than 7'10" can't slam the ball.

Chameleon Mode:
Use the cheat menu code & press Up & Down to control the transparency of the player.

Outdoor Court:
Use the cheat menu code & press Start & Select to toggle outdoor courts.

View Credits:
Press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle at the main menu.

Anonymous Michael Jordan:
Adjust the Bull's roster to allow that player #99 is in the starting line-up. He has MJ's statistics.

Extra Players:
Enter any of the following names on the 'Create A Player' screen & press Start on the last letter of each name. The game's producers & programmers will be added to the free agent list. However, they don’t count towards the total of 40 players that you may create -
Aaron Grant
Daryl Anselmo
Dave Warfield
Michael Vanaselja
Adam MacKay-Smith
Michael Klassen
David Bollo
Novell Thomas
Al Murdoch
Daniel Ng
David Laviolette
Renata Antonic
Allan Johanson
Mark Soderwall
Dom Humphrey
Robert White
Amory Wong
Zoe Quinn
Ed Fletcher
Sam Nelson
Brent Nielson
Dan Scott
Ernie Johnson
Sean O'Brien
Brian Krausse
Marcus Lindblom
Giovanni Sasso
Sebastiaan Reinarz
Brian Wideen
Traz Damji
Greg Allen
Sheila Allan
Casey O'Brien
Crispin Hands
Ivan Allen
Stan Chow
Cindy Green
Kim Gill
Jeff Mair
Steve Royea
Tarrnie Williams

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