NFL Gameday '99 Cheats

Various Codes:
Enter the Easter Egg menu & enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding feature:

Big Balls   Large Football
Big Hits   Louder Noises
Blinders   No Penalties
Bobo   All players last names are BOBO
Bunyon   Big Players
Davis   Running back is juiced
Even Teams   All players are equal
Flea Circus   Tiny players
GD Challenge   Bonus difficulty level
Hangtime   Punts hang in the air longer
Invisible   Invisible players
Pole axe   Forearm is juiced
Slideshow   See cheer leaders after a game
Stickem   Great hands for receivers
Swimmers   Swim move juiced
Weak   Quick fatigue
Credits   View credits
Steel Leg   Longer field goals
Rocket Man   Ball carrier has speed bursts
Presidents   Players named after presidents
Hoops   Players named after basketball players
Playing Cards   Flat Players
Pop Warner   Small, fast players
Coffee Break   Speed juiced
Euro League   All players have European last names
Puppets   All players have red string attached to head
Stamina   Juiced endurance
Sports   All players have last name from credits
Its in the   fps Scrambled frame rate
Grudge Match   Red redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goals
Tele Tummy   Televisions in players stomachs
Hot Shot   CPU player celebrates in open field
CPU Scores   CPU players are faster
Con Man   CPU hides pass coverage
Prime Time   CPU makes big plays
Mind Reader   CPU knows your play
CPU Stuffs   CPU offensive line has super strength & speed
Egg Head   Zero stamina & more fatigue injuries
Hamstrung   More hamstring injuries

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