Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit Cheats

Enter The Following codes after you hit Start before the loading screen appears & hold until it disappears, it will affect the race in any game mode.
Crash Other Cars:
Press Start + Select + R1 + L2. Beep the horn during the game to flip other cars.

25% More Horsepower:
Press Left + Square + Circle.

20% Slower Game:
Press Up + X + Triangle.

Heavy Car:
Press Select + Square + X. (Note: Great for hitting other cars with!)

Cop Talk (Hot Pursuit Mode Only):
Different Accent    Up + R1 + L2.
German                     Up + R2 + L1.
Spanish                    Down + R2 + L1.
Italian                         Left + R2 + L1.
French                      Right + R2 + L1.

Bonus Cars:
Go into options & enter the following for user name.
1JAGX            Jaguar XJR-15
AMGMRC       Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
ROCKET        El Nino Hidden Car

Hidden Tracks:
Go into options & enter the following for user name.
MCITYZ             Empire City (Bonus Track)
PLAYTM           The Room (A play room track)
XCAV8               Caverns (An underground track)
XCNTRY           AutoCross (A canyon track)
MNBEAM          Space Race (A space station track)
GLDFSH           Scorpio-7 (An underwater track)

All Cars & All Tracks:
Enter SPOILT as a name in options.

13 Camera Angles (Have To Be Set Up In Options):
Enter SEEALL as a name in options.

Tracks & Cars:
To earn each of the 4 locked tracks, advance past the forth round of the tournament in third place or better. Each advance will give you a new track.
To earn the Jaguar, come first in the beginner tournament.
To earn the Mercedes, come first in the expert tournament.
To earn the ninth bonus track, come first in the beginner knockout.

See The Titanic:
Select the Aquatica track & disable night driving & weather. Stop on the big turn after you hear a horn to see the Titanic pass by.

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