Need For Speed 4: High Stakes Cheats

Easier Tickets:
Enter Pursuit mode & choose a cop car. When the game starts, Hold L1 & press Up to turn off your sirens. The car you are chasing will now slow down as they believe that you are no longer chasing them. When you've caught up to him, Press L1 + Up to turn your sirens on & pull him over for an easy bust.

Extra Music Tracks:
First, go to the Audio Options from the main menu. Then go to the CD player & select it. Go all the way to the bottom, & there are 2 music tracks that are turned off. Just turn them on & you can listen to them while you're driving.

Police Always Speak English:
Enter your name as BIGOVEN. The police will always speak English, no matter what country you race in.

Titan Car:
Enter your name as Hotrod & you'll get a good car. It is the fastest car in the game but you can't save your game.

Police Helicopter:
To pilot a police helicopter in test drive mode, enter your name as WHIRLY. You also cannot save your game with this cheat.

Drunk Driving:
Immediately after selecting a car & choosing Race, hold Up + L2 + R1 until the race screen appears. The screen will be blurry & it'll look like you're drunk.

Super Cop Cars:
To get them, you must arrest 10 speeders within the given time limit. Do whatever you can to smash them off the road as this is hard to do.

Phantom Car:
Enter your name as FLASH. You can't save the game with this cheat either.

Easy Money:
After buying your first car, go to 2-player mode & select High Stakes. It will ask you if you want to save; select Yes. After accessing Memory Slot 1 it will ask for Memory Card 2. Take the card of of Slot 1 & place it into Slot 2. The game will think it's a different Memory Card & will duplicate your car. Now all you have to do is beat yourself & sell the car you won to make some easy cash.

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