Nightmare Creatures Cheats

Enable Infinite Everything:
At the password screen, enter Left, Up, X, Square, Down, Triangle, Square, Down.

Unlimited Continues & Level Select:
At the password screen, enter Left, Up, Triangle, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, Down.

Level Passwords For Ignatius:
2    Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Left, Triangle, Square, X, Square.
3    Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Square, Up.
4    Triangle, Square, Triangle, Left, Triangle, Down, Up, Square.
5    Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Down, Down, X.
6    Triangle, Down, Triangle, X, Triangle, Down, Left, Circle.
7    Triangle, Left, Triangle, X, Triangle, Left, Triangle, Circle.
8    Triangle, Right, Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.
9    Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, Square, X.
10  Circle, Circle, Triangle, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Down.
11  Circle, X, Triangle, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Down.
12  Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Square.
13  Circle, Up, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Down, Circle, Square.
14  Circle, Down, Triangle, Right, Triangle, Circle, X, Down.
15  Circle, Left, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.
16  Circle, Right, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Up, Square.

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