Parappa The Rapper Cheats

NOTE: Some of these may not work in all versions of the game.

Bonus Level:
Complete each level with a 'cool' rating. A bonus level with Sunny Funny & Katy Kat dancing on a table will be accessible.

Change Parappa's Voice:
Complete the first 2 levels with a 'cool' rating. Press X, X, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square, Right, Left, Square, X & finish the next level as usual. On level 4 press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X to allow his voice to be changed. Hold R1 & press Circle or Triangle to cycle through the voices of other characters in the game.

Play As Sunny Or The Ninja:
Complete level 1 with at least 3000 points & a 'cool' rating. Complete level 2 with a 'good' rating, but with the 'cool' status flashing. This occurs if the score is 1025 points. Complete levels 3 & 4 with over 2000 points on each, and a 'good' rating. Complete level 5 with at least 4000 points & a 'cool' rating. Finally, complete level 6 with at least 2000 points & a 'cool' rating. The choice of playing as Sunny or The Ninja will appear when starting the next game.

Parappa The Gangsta Rapper:
Get a 'cool' rating on level 3 (working at the flea market with Master Prince Fleaswallow, the Rastafrog). When you start freestyle rappin', hit the following to make Parappa say the sentence -
I got all the skunk!        Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Right
I got all the money!       Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Square
I will try the skunk!        Left, Left, Left, Right, Right
All you ever need is the skunk!        X, X, X, X, X, Right, Right
I will try to got all you money!             Left, Left, Left, Left, Circle, X, X, Square
All you ever need is to be money!    X, X, X, X, X, X, X, Square
After that, get freestyle on the Chicken's cooking level & find the sequence to make Parappa say 'M. I. X. the crack!

View FMV Sequences:
Complete levels 1-5 with a 'cool' rating. Complete level 6 with the 'awesome' rating by completing each part of the rap perfectly.

Beetle Rappa:
Complete the first level with a 'cool' rating, the second & third with a 'good' rating, the fourth & fifth with a 'cool' rating. Complete the last level with a 'good' rating. A beetle rappa may now be selected.

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