Rayman Cheats

Passwords & Cheats:
Finished Music             J5VLFP58VB
Finished Mountains    J5K!ZZC8MD
Finished Caves             SM!KV7WSXD
Space Mama                  T64H5M!?BB
Access To Skops        ?2MC9J!GTB
Finished Image             SX2!ZP58MD
All But Final                   SD3BKF00MN
99 Lives                          XNB9FM!Z2?

Extra Continues:
When you die & the continue screen comes up, press Start to continue & then Up, Down, Right, Left for 10 more continues.

Picture In Picture:
For a simulated picture-in-picture view of the screen, pause & press Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Circle. You may need to hold R2 while doing this.

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