Revolution X Cheats

Find 1st Member Of Aerosmith:
Enter the club & turn Right, near the dancing cages, blast the bathroom sign & go in the bathroom. Shoot all the stalls to find him.

Steven Tyler:
On the first level, shoot the fish on the CD wall, then shoot the mirror a few times & you will find him on the catwalk above the stage.

Another Band Member:
In the Amazon jungle, shoot the elevator button behind the first green blob. Enter & shoot floor 3 button, when leaving the elevator, shoot the iron bars at the back of the missile board.

Another Band Member:
In the bus level to get the band member, you shoot the first 3 sphinks in the nose & get the CD's. the member will appear in front of the truck.

Beat The Bus:
Below the doors of the bus, shoot the yellow & black stripes to reach the CD & bullets. The bus will blow up.

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