Ridge Racer Cheats

8 Extra Cars:
Kill all the aliens in the Galaxians game & you will have a choice of 8 cars available to test your driving skills. (Note: This does note include the black car).

Race As The Black Car:
To race as the black car, you must beat it in the 'Time Trial Extra' race. To have a chance at beating it, you must drive a flawless race in laps 2 & 3 (Lap 1 doesn't count).

Race Backwards:
Begin any race with the car of your choice. When you pass the 'On Ramp' (The starting 'corridor' flanked by Namco signs), run your car into one sidewall, then the other to turn your car around the wrong way. Drive the wrong way up the 'corridor' path doing at least 100mph & hit the wall dead on. If you're going fast enough, you should go through the wall & be able to drive the course backwards.

Race Backward On Extra Tracks:
Start a race on any of the extra tracks. From the starting line, turn the car around when you reach 60mph. A wall appears at the starting line, drive through it to race backwards.

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