Ridge Racer Revolution Cheats

Extra Cars:
Beat Galaga '88 by getting a perfect score of 40. Go to the select option & you can pick your cars.

Laser In Galaga '88:
When the bonus game plays (Galaga '88), hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Select + Down. A laser blast will shoot all the aliens for a perfect score. Because of this, all cars will be miniaturized.

Mini-Car Mode:
Hold Square + X as you select time trial. When you start the race, you will be driving a small car with big tyres. You will always hug the ground while taking corners. This is great for practicing drifting.

Mirror Tracks:
When you begin a race drive just a tiny bit out, then turn around. There should be a wall there. Drive at it at top speed & if you do it right, you'll go through it & start at the beginning again. This time, everything will be backwards.

Scene Select:
After beating all the tracks & secret cars you get the extra set of tracks. Once you beat these backward tracks, you get the option of choosing the time of day you race in.

Secret Cars:
Take first in each track (novice, advanced & expert), then go back & race each track in Time Trial mode. After beating a track, you will then have access to the special car for that track. The 3 cars are Devil #13, Kid Car #13 & White Angel #0.

At the game Start/Options screen, hold L1 + R1. While holding these, use the control pad to move the spotlight around, press Square to make it bigger & X to make it smaller.

While playing in the external view, pause the game. To zoom in & out, hold Triangle & press L1 or R1.

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