Rugrats Cheats

Quicker Step Descending:
When in the house, get to the top of the steps & make sure you're facing down them. Jump & you should jump anywhere from 3 to all of the steps in 1 jump depending on when you jump, & it won't hurt Tommy.

Easier Putt In Minigolf:
While putting, hold down the walking button & the aiming line will move slower, making it easier to line up a shot.

Play A Movie On The Playground Equipment:
Go to the game Grandpa's teeth 'medium'. If you press Circle next to the playground equipment, you'll see a small movie of the Rugrats playing on it.

Shortcut In 'Incident, Aisle 7':
When you go to where the plants are, there will be 3 balloons tied together. Run into them & press Circle. This will bring you to the middle part of the board.

Play With Spike:
You can play fetch with Spike outdoors if you pick up the small ball, the bone & the stick.

Secret Reptar Bars:
Go behind the Crib in Tommy's room.
When playing hole 8 on Ice Cream Mountain, go around to the other side of the pyramid. Go into the entrance & explore the whole pyramid, there is lots of Reptar bars & Mr. Friends mummy.
Go into the backyard & look behind Spike's dog house.
Go into Stu & Didi's room & walk into the closet. Look on the left side.
Look behind the couch in the upstairs family room.
Look behind the trashcan in the kitchen.
Go to the basement & look on the right side of the computer.

Level:                Password:
Train Crash      BVBYFJND
Hospital             TQMMY_QK
Light Woods    RJDBCVRT
Dark Woods     VNGBLJCV
Ancient Ruin    LJTBWQQD
Reptar               BJGSMVSH 

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