Soul Blade Cheats

To Play As:
Soul Edge     Beat Arcade mode with every character, using any game settings
Sophitia!        Get all of regular Sophitia's weapons in Edge Master mode.
Sophitia!!       Get all 70 weapons in Edge Master mode.
Siegfried!       Get all of regular Siegfried's weapons in Edge Master mode.
The Secret Boss    At the title screen, press Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Start + Select.
Han Myong    Get all of the above & finish Arcade mode with Seung Mina.
USE THE DEFAULT GAME SETTINGS IN ARCADE MODE! (They appear in yellow in the game options). You must see Seung Mina's second ending. When the ending appears, watch closely when the letterbox (the black areas) vanish, then jam on block & rotate the D-pad. The letterbox should come back rather quickly. If Seung Mina dodges the attack to the side, instead of ducking & falling, you got the second ending.
When you beat Soul Edge, the final weapon is located in an adjacent country to Spain. If you travel to that country & win, you get your weapon. If you travel to that country & lose, you will see your character's 'Time Over' Animation. In that case, the weapon no longer resides in the current country, & has moved to another adjacent country. Keep moving on, trying to win, but don't stay in the same place as the weapon has moved. The weapon will never go to Spain. However, if you beat Soul Edge again, it will reset the weapon's location to somewhere next to Spain.

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