Street Fighter Alpha Cheats

Play As M.Bison:
Go to the random box & hold L2. Press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down. Press Square & Triangle or Circle & X for the other coloured Bison.

Play As Akuma:
Go to the random box & hold L2. Press Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down. Now press Square & Triangle or Circle & X.

Play As Dan:
Hold L2. Go to the random box & press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle. Or press Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle for the other coloured Dan.

Fight Against Akuma:
Select any other character, then hold L2 + R2 + X until Akuma appears.

Fight Against Dan:
After winning a match, hold Up + L2 + R2 until the winning words come up, then release. Repeat for 5 matches & your 6th match will be against Dan.

Choose Winning Text:
You can select your own winning taunt by pressing 1 of these 3 codes -
Taunt 1 - Down + Circle + X.
Taunt 2 - Down + Triangle + Circle.
Taunt 3 - Down + Square + X.

During Game Taunts:
Charlie - Down & Select (Grabs jacket & says 'Hmm…')
Ryu - Forward & Select (Tightens Headband)
Ken - Forward & Select ('Bring It On!' pose)
Birdie - Back & Select (Licks Chain)
Birdie - Forward & Select (Yawns)
M.Bison - Forward & Select ('You're Finished!' pose)

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