Street Fighter Collection Cheats

Original Ken & Ryu:
In Street Fighter 2 Alpha Gold, press Start once & press any button to select them, But, they won't have power bars on the bottom, meaning you can't use super moves.

To Play As Akuma:
Put the curse on Ryu, then simultaneously press L1 & R1 to make Akuma appear.

To Play as Evil Ryu:
Highlight Ryu on Street Fighter 2 Alpha Gold & press Start twice. Then press any button to select him. He will be able to do Akuma's teleport & 3 power bar special moves 'Raging Demon' (AKA Instant Hell Murder) by pressing Low Punch, Low Punch, Low Kick, Forward, Hard Punch very fast.

To Play As Evil Sakura:
Highlight Sakura & press Start once so Evil Sakura can be selected.

To Play As Gouki In Street Fighter IIX:
In the selection menu, highlight Ryu, Hold L1 & press R1.

To Play As Cammy In Street Fighter Zero 2:
Select Vega in arcade mode & complete the game in first place with a score greater than 50,000. Enter CAM as initials on the high score screen. Select Versus mode, highlight M. Bison & press Start 3 times.

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