Tekken 2 Cheats

After-Match Taunts:
After you have won, press Right, Left, Square & Circle to make your character taunt your opponent.

Big Heads & Bodies:
To pump up, hold Select when choosing your fighter. To get even larger, hold Select while choosing the same character during a round change.

Devil Double Attack:
Devil & Angel can double attack which does major damage to your opponent. To do this, press both punches simultaneously. Then, when your opponent is down, press both kicks simultaneously. This will make Angel or Devil do double laser attacks without the enemy blocking them.

Invisible Fighters:
You must have all players including Devil, Kazuya, Alex & Roger. After you beat Devil with the last person, wait for the credits to end, then when it shows the best scores, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, Left, X, Circle, Triangle, Square. If done correctly, you will hear an 'Ayah' sound.

Punch-Out View:
After you've got all the characters, hold L1 + L2 when selecting your character. A new 'Punch-Out' view will become available.

Win Without Fighting:
Highlight Option Mode & hold down R1. Now press Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, Triangle. When you start a one-player game, hold L1 & R1 to win the match.

To make your character swear in Japanese press Right, Left, Square & Circle at the end of a fight.

Get Alex & Roger:
Play the game on easy & 1 round. During Stage 3, win with only a tiny bit of health left, You'll know because it says 'Great'. Stage 4 should be against either Alex or Roger. Win with only a tiny bit of health & you get them both.

Bonus Characters:
To Play As:        Beat:
Anna                     The game with Nina.
Angel                    The Devil with Kazuya. Press punch to select angel.
Armored King    The game with King.
Baek                     The game with Law.
Devil                     The Devil with Kazuya. Press kick to select Devil.
Ganryu                 The game with Michelle.
Kazuya                 The devil with any sub-boss.
Kimnitsu             The game with Yoshimitsu.
Kuma                    The game with Paul.
P. Jack                 The game with Jack-2.
Sub-bosses       The Devil with each character.
Wang                    The game with Jun.
Alex & Roger     The game with Devil.

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