Test Drive 5 Cheats

Easy High Score:
Start a drag race that heavily favors your car.

Unlock All Game Modes:
Win A Drag Race, enter VRSIX as a name & save the game settings. Then, cop chase & other game modes will be selectable.

All Tracks:
Enter NTHREE & MTHREE as names on the high score screen.

All Cars:
Enter RONE & NOLIFE as a name on the high score screen. Then, the Pitbull Special, Chris's Beast & The All Mighty Maui will be selectable.

Super Arcade Mode:
Enter SPURT as a name on the high score screen.

Bonus FMV Music Sequence:
Enter AUXYRAY as a name on the high score screen. Then, select the 'Fear Factory Video' option from the main menu.

No CPU Cars During Cup Race:
Complete the first race of any tournament, except the Ultimate. Save the game & reset the PlayStation. Reload the previous race, select 'full race' and 'time trials'. Select any car & complete the time trial race. Quit time trial & select 'continue race' without loading the previously saved game. Select 'next cup race' to start with the car used during the time trials with no CPU cars.

Raining Question Marks:
Select Washington D.C. & begin a race. Turn around or drive in reverse, past the starting line to cause question marks to be raining downwards.

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