Time Crisis Cheats

Cheat Menu:
At the title screen, after you've calibrated your gun, fire two shots directly at the center of the crosshairs above the title, then fire 2 shots right into the center of the empty part of the letter R in the word Crisis.

Easier Game:
When you choose the normal story mode from the title screen & you can choose either normal play or time attack, shoot anywhere off-screen. The word EASY will appear next to the normal play mode on the screen. This gives you 5 hits in the game instead of 3.

Pedal Trick:
If you have a racing controller with a foot pedal, plug it in to the 2nd controller port & use the foot pedal to duck.
If you don't have a foot pedal, plug a normal controller in port 2 & step on Square or Circle or Triangle or X to make your character duck.

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