Toshinden 3 Cheats

Random Character Select:
At the character select screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to choose a character at random.

Remove Display:
Pause a fight, hold Circle + Triangle + Square + X & press Select. This removes the continue, options & reset selections. While continuing to hold all 4 buttons, press Select again. This removes the life & overdrive bars. To return it to normal, repeat the code while pressing Select once.

Play As Sub-Bosses:
Beat the game with each basic character at level 3 or higher to unlock his or her sub-boss.

Play As Shou:
Unlock all the sub-bosses, then beat the game with Vermillion at level 3 or higher.

Play As Abel:
Beat the game with Shou at level 7.

Play As Veil:
Beat the game with Abel at level 7.

Play As Naru:
Beat the game with Veil at level 7.

Alternate Costumes:
Beat the game with Naru at level 7. Use Square or X to select a character.

Instant Secret Moves:
Beat the game with Naru, then set 2 or more of the shoulder buttons to special moves. Press all the special move buttons at once to perform a secret move.
Note: This does not work for all characters.

Manual Camera Control:
Enter the button configuration menu, highlight any shoulder button, & press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. The controls for the shoulder buttons will change to camera view controls. The view may now be rotated manually.

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