Total Drivin' Cheats

For all cheats listed below you must tap out the rhythm on the R1 button, on main menu screen. Its tough (especially if you have no rhythm) but keep trying for bonuses.

All Tracks:
Ding, Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead.

Unlock Switzerland:
Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Unlock Easter Island:
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.

Unlock Moscow:
Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle al the way.

Unlock Scotland:
Scotland the brave tune.

Unlock Hong Kong:
Pipe music tune when you pass temple in Hong Kong level 1 (For this tune it is best to drive to temple and turn music volume right down).

Unlock Extra Splits Screen 4 Player Tracks:
Zip a de doo dah, zip a de day.

No Time Out Messages When Car Leaves Track Area:
Super calla fragilistic expi alla doshus.

Extra Levels:
Moscow 2:
On Moscow 2 use the ramp to jump over the barriers. When you're clear, head for the left side of the large building on the right. See the bonfire to the side? Drive into it for an extra Moscow level where the road is covered in ice, it's snowing, and the bridges are down. Who could ask for more?

Egypt, Level 1:
Drive until you come to a long left curve around a valley with a lake in the middle. Pass the wooden bridge, and watch for a temple on your right hand side. Just drive straight on in, The level warp is on the other side of the temple.

Easter Island, Level 2:
From the start, turn you car around and drive until you can see a cruise-boat. On your left hand side, you should see a red and white barrier, and behind that a small road. Drive around the right hand side of the barrier and at the end of that road you'll find a level warp.

Switzerland, Level 1:
Follow the track through the village and under the cable-car. Go through the tunnel and continue on until you cross a small bridge. To your left are a number of buildings. Drive off the road and around the back of these buildings. You will see a yellow and red spinning level warp.

Scotland, Level 3:
Look out for the wooded area. Back up and drive off the road behind the crash barriers. About halfway down this hill is a spinning level warp.

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