War Games Cheats

Level Passwords:

NORAD Missions:

Location:   Password:
Czech Republic   Circle X Circle Circle X X Circle X Circle
Russian Urals   X X Circle X X X X Circle Circle
Cairo, Egypt   Circle Square X Circle Circle Triangle Circle X Square
Cambodia   Triangle X Circle Circle X X Square Triangle Circle
Swiss Alps   Square Circle Circle Square Circle X X Circle X
Libya Square   X X X Circle Square Circle X Square
Channel Islands   Circle Circle X Square Square Triangle Square Square Circle
Grenadines   Square Square Circle Triangle Circle Triangle X Triangle Triangle
Louisiana Bayou   X Triangle Circle Square Circle Circle Circle X Square
China, Near Beijing   Circle Square Triangle X Square Triangle Triangle Triangle Square
Saudi Arabia   Triangle Square Circle X Triangle Circle Circle X Square
Arctic Circle   Square Square Triangle Square Triangle Square Triangle X Triangle
New York City   X X Circle Triangle X Triangle Square X Square
Omaha Desert   Circle Square Circle X Square X Triangle Circle X

W.O.P.R. Missions

Location:   Password:
Florida Keys   Circle X Circle Circle X Circle X X Circle
Irian Jaya   Square Triangle X Triangle X Circle Square X Triangle
New England   X Triangle Circle X X Circle Circle Circle Triangle
Russia Circle   Circle Square Square Circle X Triangle X X
Brussels   X Circle X Triangle Triangle Square Circle X Triangle
South Africa   Triangle Triangle X X Square Square X X Circle
Hong Kong   Square X Circle Triangle X X Square Circle Triangle
Mexico   Square Circle Triangle Triangle X Circle X X Circle
Bering Strait   X Circle Square Triangle Circle X Square X Triangle

View FMV Sequences:
Hold R2 & continuously tap Start before the title screen appears.

W.O.P.R. Level Select:
Select 2 player W.O.P.R. cooperation mode. Highlight level 2, then enter Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle as a password. Return to the main menu & select Single player W.O.P.R. mode.

Demo Level:
Enter Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X as a password.

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