Wild Arms Cheats

255 Items:
Perform these actions during any round of the battle
1. Have the first person to attack use a Heal Berry
2. Have the second person to attack use a Heal Berry
3. Have the third person to swap any item you have one of with the Heal Berries, then attack as normal
Note: The 255 item trick is great, as long as you don’t win before the above steps are completed. If you do win beforehand, you will not only not receive 255 of the switched item, you will lose it completely.

2 Player Battles:
During a battle, insert a second controller into port 2. The person with the second controller can use characters too.

How To Get The Chrono Rune:
After getting the Courage Guardian, go to the Wind Altar in Baskar village. Zephyr will finally answer you. Have Cecilla use the wand on Chief Baskar's dog & then go to Adlehyde. If you paid money the whole way through the game to the kid in the mayor's house, he'll ask for 100000 gella. After paying leave & reenter & talk to the new guy in the pub to get 'Dispellado'. Now, at the odd rings north of Baskar, use Dispellado on the stones in this order: NW, SW, SE, NE, W, S, E, N. the Illusion Temple will open & you can get the Chrono Rune.

Temple Of Memory:
The password for the memory temple is Emiko.

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