Yusha: Heaven's Gate Cheats

Yusha: Heavenís Gate

Hidden Character Codes:

To Get Kurara:
1. Go to Arcade mode, got to Nanase
2. Press Select, Up, Down, Down, L1 + L2, Start.
3. If you have done it correctly, you should see a quick flash of light.
4. To select between Nanase & Kurara use the Start button. Both characters have 2 costumes.

To Get Kyohya:
You have to get Kurara first.
1. Go to Vs. mode, choose 1P, go to Verny.
2. Press Select, Left, Right, Up, Down, R1 + R2, Start.
3. You know it worked if you get a quick flash. If it doesnít, try pressing Select, Right, Left, Up, Down, R1 + R2, Start. I canít remember whether it is Left or Right first.
4. If successful you should get an extra character box on the left of Verny.


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