Zero Divide Cheats

Bonus Game:
To play 3 levels of the classic shooter 'Phalanx', hold Start + Select on controller 2 when turning on the PlayStation. Use controller 2 to play.

Access Zulu:
Beat Zulu with all 8 characters. After defeating him with the 8th character, you will go to the title screen & the announcer will say 'wow'. When you start the game, Zulu will be selectable.

Access Xtal:
Finish the game on normal or hard difficulty without continuing.

Access Neco:
Finish the game with Zulu & Xtal.

8 Extra Character Colours:
You must defeat the game in any mode. When you go to the character selection screen, you can press Select + The D-Pad & any of the 8 buttons & the colours will change.

Stage Select:
This can only be accessed once your total playing time reaches 30 hours or more. Win a round in under 5 seconds & you'll be able to select any stage in versus play.

Hidden Comics:
After beating the game in easy mode without continuing or losing a round, go to the title screen & highlight 'option', on controller 2, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select to view a comic strip featuring Neco.

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