Bomberman World Codes

Indestructible Bomberman:
D00CCAE2 0000
800CCAE2 2000
Note: The last boss in each world can still kill you if your not careful.

Infinite Lives:
800CCB50 0009

Stop Timer:
80077B82 003B

Have All Needed Crystals:
D0077BD2 0004
80077BD0 0004
D0077BD2 0006
80077BD0 0006
D0077BD2 0005
80077BD0 0005

Maximum Bombs:
800CC804 000A

Maximum Fire:
800CCB52 000A
Note: When bombs are exploding, hold X & Circle together to give you constant explosions.

Battle Rounds = 9:
80077C4C 0900

800CCAE2 2000

Invincible In Spark Bomber Game:
800F7F48 04D6

Infinite Time:
80077BD8 13AF

High Score:

Level Code Select (1 - 5):
80077C20 000?

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