Dark Forces Codes

Master Code:
D0047554 0BAC

Unlimited Shield:
800953AC 00C8

Unlimited Health:
800953B0 00C8

Unlimited Lives:
800952A8 0003

Unlimited Ammo Pistol & Storm Trooper Rifle:
8009538C 03E7

Unlimited Ammo Repeater Gun, Fusion Cutter & Concussion Gun:
80095390 03E7

Unlimited Ammo Assault Cannon:
80095394 03E7

Unlimited Packered Mortar Gun:
8009539C 03E7

Unlimited Thermal Detonators:
80095398 03E7

Unlimited Im Mines:
800953A0 03E7

Have Storm Trooper Laser Rifle:
80095320 FFFF

Have Imperial Repeater Gun:
80095324 FFFF

Have Packered Mortar Gun:
80095328 FFFF

Have Jeron Fusion Cutter:
8009532C FFFF

Have Stocker Concussion Rifle:
80095330 FFFF

Have Assault Cannon:
80095334 FFFF

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