Doom Codes

800A8888 0001
800A8880 00C7
800A887C 0064

Mega Rapid Fire:
800A894C 0001

Unlimited Bullets:
800A88F0 0064

Unlimited Shotgun Shells:
800A88F4 0064

Unlimited Rockets:
800A88FC 0064

Unlimited Plasma:
800A88F8 0064

Have Shotgun:
800A88D4 0001

Have Double Barreled Shotgun:
800A88D8 0001

Have Chain Gun:
800A88DC 0001

Have Rocket Launcher:
800A88E0 0001

Have Plasma Rifle:
800A88E4 0001

Have BFG:
800A88E8 0001

Have Chainsaw:
800A88EC 0001

Have Red Key:
800A88A0 0001

Have Blue Key:
800A88A4 0001

Have Yellow Key:
800A88A8 0001

Night Vision On:
800A889C 0001

Turn On Level Map:
800A8898 0001

Infinite Shots:
800AEE4C 03E8

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