Final Fantasy 7 Codes

Max Time Gauge:
8009D730 FFFF

Stop Countdown To Bomb:
8009D134 0258

Infinite Gill:
8009D12E 000F


Max Limit Battle Gauge:
8009D732 FFFF

Max Time Battle Gauge:
8009D730 FFFF

Sets Level To 99:
8009C604 6300

Set Limit Level To 9:
8009C612 0009

Max Next Level:
8009C624 3A00

Max Limit Gauge:
8009C612 FF09

Adds Limit Brakes:
8009C626 FFFF


Infinite Hi-Potion:
8009CAAE C201

Infinite X Potion:
8009CAB0 C202

Infinite Turbo Ether:
8009CAB4 C204

Infinite Mega Elixir:
8009CAB8 C206

Infinite Magic Source:
8009CB3E C249

Infinite Phoenix Down:
8009CABA C207


Force Stealer:
8009C620 0007

Ultimate Weapon:
8009C620 000F

Power Soul:
8009C620 001C

Max Ray:
8009C620 002E


Gold Armlet:
8009C620 0600

Wizard Bracelet:
8009C620 0C00

Magic Shuriken:
8009C620 0061

Choco Bracelet:
8009C620 1F00


Protect Ring:
8009C622 001A

8009C622 0003

Tetra Elemental:
8009C622 0016

8009C622 0005

Protect Vest:
8009C622 0001


1st Option: ATTACK:
8009D764 0001

2nd Option: MAGIC:
8009D76A 0002

3rd Option: ITEM:
8009D776 0004

Infinite Guard Source:
8009CB3C C248

Infinite Power Source:
8009CB3A C247

Infinite Mind Source:
8009CB40 C24A

Infinite Speed Source:
8009CB42 C24B

Infinite Luck Source:
8009CB44 C24C

NOTE: Final Fantasy VII is a very big game, lots of people have gotten the codes to work. Some people have had problems with the game crashing, etc. If the game does crash, remember the point where it happened & flick the switch down before it.

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