Gex 3D: Enter The Gecko Codes

Invincible Gex:
800A3B1C 001D

Infinite Lives:
80098A90 0009

Infinite Health:
80098A94 0005

Have All Collectables:
80098A98 0063
80098A9C 0062
80098AA0 0062

Have All Red Remotes For -
Out Of Toon & SmellRaiser:
8009ACDC 0707

Frankensteinfield & WWW.DOTCOM.COM:
8009ACDE 0707

Mao Tse Tongue & The Umpire Strikes Back:
8009ACE0 0707

Pangaea 90210 & Fine Tooning:
8009ACE2 0707

The Old Cave & Honey I Shrank The Gecko:
8009ACE4 0707

Poltergex & Pain In The Asteroids:
8009ACE6 0707

Samurai Night Fever & No Weddings And A Funeral:
8009ACE8 0707

Lava Daba Doo:
8009ACF2 0300

Texas Chainsaw Manicure:
8009ACF4 0707

Have All Silver Remotes:
8009AD00 FFFF
8009AD02 0FFF

Have All Gold Remotes:
8009AD04 FFFF
8009AD02 1F00

Infinite Time Aztec 2:
D01443C8 1500
801443C8 1520

Infinite Time Thursday 12th:
D0139BCC 1500
80139BCC 1520

Infinite Time Spy Who Loved Himself:
D01514F0 1500
801514F0 1520

Infinite Time Drag Net:
D013A2A0 1500
8013A2A0 1520

Feather Gex (Note 1):
800A3ACA 0391

Mega Cheat (Note 2):
8009AD5C 00FF

Note 1: Keep pressing X to climb higher, then you float gently & land softly. Use directional buttons to move around.
Note 2: This code includes invincibility, infinite lives, debug menu & in-level clock.
Note: To access all paths, open the debug menu by pressing Select, then choose collectables menu & select get all remotes.

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