Grand Theft Auto Codes

Infinite Weapons, Ammo, 99 Lives & Coordinates:
80025F90 00FF

Open All Cities (Use All Codes Together):
80025F2C 0001
80025F30 0001
80025F34 0001
80025F38 0001
80025F3C 0001

Maximum Armour (Note 1):
800A92F0 7FFF

No Police Activity:
8002B488 0000

Infinite Lives:
8002B5F2 0063

Infinite Pistol & Ammo:
8002B5FC FF00

Infinite Machine Gun & Missile Launcher:

Infinite Flame-thrower:
8002B600 00FF

Get Out Of Jail Free Key:
8002B606 1000

Auto Walk & Drive:
8002B5F4 0300

Points Multiplier x20 (Note 2):
8002B5EE 0014

9 Million Points (Note 2):
8002B49E 0090

Note 1: This code gives you maximum armour but you must pick up the armour first.
Note 2: Use only one of these codes at a time.

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