Heart Of Darkness Codes

Protect From Most Enemies - Press R1 (Notes):
D00767F0 0800
8008858A C000

Turn Off Protection Code - Press L1 (Notes):
D00767F0 0400
8008858A 0000

Skip To Level 2:
80088650 0001

Skip To Level 3:
80088650 0002

Skip To Level 4:
80088650 0003

Skip To Level 5:
80088650 0004

Skip To Level 6:
80088650 0005

Skip To Level 7:
80088650 0006

Skip To Level 8:
80088650 0007

Note 1: This code will work with most enemies but not all of them.
Note 2: If you need to use a rope to swing across anywhere this code must be turned off by press L1. After using the rope, turn the code back on for protection.
Note 3: If you fall into deadly waters, where you would normally die, you will be protected but unable to move on in the game. If this happens, turn the code off to die, then restart at your last saved position.

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