Resident Evil 2 Codes

These Codes Are For Leon Only -

Infinite Health:
800C794A 00FF

To Use These Codes Press The Appropriate Buttons In The Item Editor, Then You Must Use Equip To Have The Weapon.

Have Shotgun (L1 + Square):
D00C5F3C 0005
800CC638 FF07

Have Custom Shotgun (L2 + Triangle):
D00C5F3C 0011
800CC638 FF08

Have Magnum (L1 + Triangle):
D00C5F3C 0014
800CC638 FF05

Have Custom Magnum (L1 + X):
D00CDF3C 0044
800CC638 FF06

Have Gattling Gun (R2 + Square):
D00C5F3C 0082
800CC638 FF12

Have Flame-thrower (R2 + Triangle):
D00C5F3C 0012
800CC638 FF10

Have Rocket Launcher (R2 + X):
D00C5F3C 0042
800CC638 FF11

Bishop Plug In Crate:
800CC748 013B

Cabin Key In Crate:
800CC720 0158

Colt S.A.A. In Crate:
800CC678 FF0D

Cord In Crate:
800CC750 0156

Custom Hand Gun In Crate:
800CC664 FF04

Custom Magnum In Crate:
800CC66C FF06

Custom Shotgun In Crate:
800CC674 FF08

Eagle Medal In Crate:
800CC730 0148

Flame-thrower In Crate:
800CC680 FF10

Fuse Case In Crate:
800CC74C 014D

G-Virus In Crate:
800CC728 0152

Gattling Gun In Crate:
800CC688 FF12

Ink Ribbons In Crate:
800CC760 FF1E

King Plug In Crate:
800CC73C 013E

Knight Plug In Crate:
800CC740 013D

Lab Card Key In Crate:
800CC714 0161

Lockpick In Crate:
800CC718 0130

Magnum In Crate:
800CC668 FF05

Master Key In Crate:
800CC710 0162

Platform Key In Crate:
800CC758 0163

Precinct Key In Crate:
800CC71C 0159

Red Jewel In Crate:
800CC758 0133

Rocket Launcher In Crate:
800CC684 FF11

Rook Plug In Crate:
800CC744 013C

Shotgun In Crate:
800CC670 FF07

Small Key In Crate:
800CC75C 031F

Special Key In Crate:
800CC724 0153

Submachine Gun In Crate:
800CC67C FF0F

Unicorn Medal In Crate:
800CC734 0147

Wolf Medal In Crate:
800CC72C 0149

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